15th April
22th April 2023
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How to make your art visible to galleries and build social media presence for the buyers.
Which will help you create a professional portfolio and a brand new the appearance of your Instagram account

Professional artist kit of documents and all necessary tools for social media presence, which will help you take your career to the next level of development
2 speakers
4 lectures
A complete reboot of your portfolio and social media presence.

Who will walk you through the most difficult and misunderstood topics faced by emerging artists and photographers
For those who want to start their first steps in art management, the program will give essential tools and an understanding of the structure of work both with galleries and with social media for clients among artists and photographers
Future art agents
For those who shoot independent artwork and want to start making money not only from commercial photography but also from selling photography as art
For those who are already creating their own artworks and want to get out of their studios to the level of exhibitions in galleries. And start making first sales to their existing audience with social media
Emerging artists
The marathon includes two major blocks, which are the essential sources of communication for artists and photographers.

The first block is the preparation of basic necessary documents for the artist, which are crucial for successful communication with galleries and art agents.

The second part of the marathon focuses on the interaction of the artist directly with the audience through social media. We'll review the basic rules of Instagram, which will help create the right positioning for audience growth and subsequent sales
Gallerist, Ed. in Chief, Artist Consultant
Art editor, Social Media and Creative Consultant
of the marathon
Artists PRO Documents Pack
  • What kind of texts an artist should have
  • What is a CV and how to write one
  • What is an artist's statement and how to write it
  • How to make up an artist's portfolio
  • Presentation of how to make one and where to use it
  • How to use mockups and 3D models
15/04 Step 1

Set up the Instagram account
  • Account layout: how to catch the visitor from the first words
  • 3 Statements in the bio
  • Highlights. What should be there
  • Pinned posts. Increasing the interest
  • Stories. Basic rules on how to engage your followers
  • Posts structure
15/04 Step 2

Communication with art galleries, public art spaces, open calls
  • Galleries and public art spaces: what is the difference and how to choose the right one
  • Exhibitions: group or solo
  • Cover letters
  • How to write an appealing cover letter.
  • Checklist of suitable exhibition spaces and open calls opportunities
22/04 Step 3

Сontent & promotion
  • Content Strategy
  • Tone of the voice
  • Formats of posts and stories
  • Feed color schemes
  • Promotion and increasing the reach: organic and paid
*Bonus: how to work with a statistic

22/04 Step 4

Starter pack

  • Access to all 4 lectures


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  • Access to all 4 lectures
  • All presentations and synopses
  • Privat chat with mentors
  • Homework (without review)
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Access to all 4 lectures

All presentations and synopses

Privat chat

Homework (with review)

2 private calls with each mentor after the end of the marathon
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